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Logo Printing

Our Custom Logo Printing Techniques

When producing an order we may use any number of logo printing techniques to apply your logo. Which will work best depends on  your logo design, what type of product we are printing your logo on, and logo size. 


Embroidery at West Coast Monograms is recognized as some of the finest crafted in Canada, a reputation we pride ourselves on. Embroidery is the the process of using thread to stitch a pattern or design on to fabric. West Coast Monograms uses only industry beset Japanese built Tajima Embroidery Machines, partnered with premium German-crafted Gunold thread to create best in class stitched logo reproduction.

Embroidery is a classic and classy way to promote your company. Custom embroidery is best for finer garments, such as jackets, golf shirts, as well as hats, sports bags, and more.

Digitizing - Embriodery Program Setup 

Expert Digitizing is the first step towards quality embroidery. Many embrioderers cut corners here for the sake of saving money, and is one of the many things that separates "low cost" embroidery from quality embroidery. In an example of our work below (click the Silver Surfer to bring up a larger image), you can see how positioning the stitches a certain direction brings the image to life. We have used a satin stitch to create the muscles of the Silver Surfer and the veins of the board, and created a shadowing effect by using tatami stiches and blended thread colors to achieve a gradient. This work is the result of hours and hours of work by our most senior digitizer, who has decades of experience.

artistic embroidery by west coast monograms


Not every embroidery project needs to be digitized from scratch. We have an immense database where you can also choose from over 100 embroidery fonts, ideal for names, numbers, and tournaments, or browse our database of thousands of logo designs.

Screen Printing

Screen printing, also known as silk screening, is a popular choice for higher-volume tee shirt orders and large prints. The craft involves creating stencils for each color in the design which are then used to print on garments using fabric ink. The print below required three stencils as it is three colors: red, blue, and white. The gradient was created using a series of small dots to create the visual of a gradient, known as half toning. The garment is black, and the mountains that appear within the art are the garment showing through. For larger orders, an automatic screen press is used, and for smaller orders a manually operated screen press is often more efficient. 



Direct to Garment Digital Printing DTG

Direct to Garment Digital Printing is ideal for designs that are not screen print friendly. Examples of this are logos with gradients or with a large amount of colors. The design below is an example of a logo that is very complex with gradients - and was an ideal candidate for our digital printing


Direct to Garment Digital Printing Vancouver

Heat Sealing

Heat Seal printing is ideal for high definition logo reproduction on waterproof garments, fine fabrics, and techincal shirts. Best for single color designs, this process has become one of West Coast Monograms most sought after logo techniques. 

 Vector Artwork

Vector artwork is a loss-less file type that allows for the sharpest and most accurate logo reproduction. Vector drawings are based on lines connected by anchor points, as opposed to raster based artwork which uses dots to represent images. Who uses vector artwork? Promotional Product companies, screen printers, printing companies, graphic designers, sign shops, to name a few. Below is an example of us turning a rough printout in to a professional camera-ready vector file

Vector Artwork Services British Columbia Canada

Imprinting on Promotional Products

Including: screen printing, pad printing, laser engraving, embossing, and debossing.

Every item that leaves our facility is organized, sized, and shipped in a user-friendly format, ready to distribute to your clients, employees, team mates, or function.

Shipping We ship to anywhere in Canada and can make arrangements to ship in the United States with our Nafta-friendly products.

Here is a link to our average shipping times to destinations in Canada.